Amazon #1 Best Seller

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Aromatherapy Touch Book
Aromatherapy Touch book

About #1 Best Seller Aromatherapy Touch

This book contains everything that you need to know to start your own journey to Holistic Living with Essential Oils. 

On this holistic journey you will find out :

  • which oil to start with
  • which oils blend well together 
  • how to safely use and store your oils
  • how to use essential oils to improve your health
  • how to use them to keep your home clean 
Holistic Self Care, Healing & Happiness. Improve your health and vitality naturally. Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and regain boundless joy with Essential Oils.

About the Author

Paulina Havemann – Intuative Holistic Consultant

Paulina is an International Award-Winning Author, qualified Aromatherapist, and also a Beauty & Holistic Therapist. She is founder of Blissful Being, a global holistic resource to transform stressed & overwhelmed people from run down to recharged, and ready to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Her journey with holistic living started as a little girl, having helped her grandfather to collect herbs to make their own home remedies for the family. This developed into a fascination for Essential Oils and other Holistic Therapies, which took her on a journey of self-development and training, where she learned from the World’s best experts in holistic living. Over the past twelve years, Paulina has supported thousands of clients improve their self-care, health & happiness.

Paulina cares deeply about reducing the overwhelming increase of health issues in people, which are forming as a result of consistent and on-going stress that is affecting our daily lives. Knowing from first-hand traumatic experience how stress can cause ailments and affect life, health and happiness, Paulina is now on a mission to inspire many others to live Holistically and learn how to achieve harmony in everyday life.


A portion of the profit of this book will go to Winston’s Wish Children’s Charity, a registered charity helping bereaved  children.

I hope that you will join me on a mission that’s very close to my heart to:

  • Assist at least one million individuals on they journey to Holistic Self Care, Healing and Happiness
  • At the same time help bereaved children

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