What are Essential oils and how they work?

What are Essentials Oils and How They Work?
What are essential oils

Essential Oils are concentrated plant extracts that are extracted from the various parts of a plant, such as leaves, seeds, resin, petals, barks, twigs and roots. I love calling them Mother Nature’s Super Heroes.

They hold the vital force of the plant and many chemical components that we can use for healing and wellness. Their other amazing abilities are that they can be absorbed through the skin and are also able to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Essential Oils are gentle enough to be used often, and potent enough to be effective.  Once you understand how to use Essential Oils safely, you will find that they can not only help heal you when you are ill, but can also restore lost vitality. More information how to live holistically with essential oils you can be found in my book.

How essential oils work?

The compounds within the oils, when applied externally during a massage for example, have two ways to reach the bloodstream – they may be absorbed through the skin on the body or through the air sacs in the lungs.

Essential oils are able to easily cross the skin barrier and penetrate through to the blood stream when applied topically. When inhaled, the essential oils pass easily through the lining of the lungs. Clinical trials have shown that small amounts of essential oil constituents can be detected in the blood within minutes of inhalation. The essential oils molecules travel in the bloodstream and are taken around the body to carry out their healing effects. At a later stage, compounds that are not used by the body are excreted through exhalation, sweating, urination or sweating.

Essential oils give off smelly gas particles which, through inhalation, are dissolved in the nasal cavity. The gas particles stimulate nerve impulses which travel to the olfactory system that enables the body to perceive smells. Nerve impulses are then carried from the olfactory system to the limbic system in the brain which controls emotions, memory, pain, etc. This is why essential oils have such a huge impact on our emotional state & moods, as some oils can be calming or relaxing, others can uplift, de-stress & so much more. See my book for more ways on how essential oils can help you.

As a delivery method topical application of the oils or inhalation is a lot more effective and faster than ingestion of the oils would be. If you ingested the oils, they would have to pass through the digestive tract before being of any benefit to you.



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