Reduce Stress, Relieve Tension and Improve Your Mood

Reduce Stress, Relieve Tension and Improve Your Mood

Holistic Stress Relief & Relaxation Therapies 

Holistic Wellbeing Consultations and Mindfulness Programs

Blissful Being – Natural Stress Relief, provides comprehensive Holistic Transformation for

Soul: Energy & Feeling

Body:  Face and Body

Mind: Thoughts and Mindset

At Blissful Being Therapies, you are treated as a whole being.

Each Holistic Health Therapy is uniquely prescribed for you and follows a

’7-Step Blissful Being Program’.

Holistic Wellbeing Consultations

60 min Holistic Wellbeing Consultation

A personalised One-to-One Holistic Wellbeing consultation is designed to guide you to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. A Holistic Wellbeing consultation concentrates on resolving symptoms, looking at the underlying cause, and treating them. During this consultation, you will learn what Essential Oils are best for you and ways of applying them, mindfulness practice and relaxation technics to help you achieve your goals.


30 min aromatherapy consultations

A personalised One-to-One Aromatherapy Consultation for individuals needing Essential Oils Remedy recommendations. After an in-depth health and lifestyle consultation, we will find out which essential oils are best suited for you, your skin requirement and emotional needs. I will teach you how to use essential oils and my holistic tools and methods at home.


15 min Pre-assessment Consultation

This consultation is designed for New Clients to let us get to know each other. I will ask you about your health and your concerns. Based on this pre-assessment consultation, I will be able to tell you if I can help you and what will be the best plan for you. You will be able to learn what therapies I provide and if they are the right fit for you before you invest your time, effort and money.

£ Free

My Holistic Wellbeing Consultation can never replace medical care or a diagnosis by a medical doctor. The information provided is consultative and educational in nature.